mercredi 7 octobre 2009

A Goodbye...

Earlier tonight, coming back from that "farewell BBQ", we were talking about « asking » Google to translate this blog to see if any automatic English translation would make any sense… At least for this post, it won’t be necessary.

This short and simple message is simply to say a last goodbye to a guy I met a couple of days ago… He has been in Brisbane for 6 months, he was working on the project I will be working on, and has been really helpful since our arrival to teach us all what he learnt during his stay here…

Moreover, by meeting this guy I met a very good friend. Even if we did not have time to know very well, he is one of those you know that you will see again, somewhere, somewhen. He is flying back home to Sweden in the next days, we did not have time to enjoy Australia together, and we are both sad that we did not meet each other before… We would have done so many amazing things here!

I now feel like I felt a few weeks ago, when I left my amazing friends in Switzerland. Hopefully life will bring us back together one day…

Anyway, I wish you the best of life, you disserve it! For your projects, for your job… for any reason that takes you back home now, it is a good one ;)

Take care, see you soon!

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  1. Best wishes to your Swedish friend.Tell him he is welcome in Québec and in Lac-St-Jean.